Thursday 11 April 2013

Twenty Things My Toddler Has Freaked Out About Today

1. He needs a big box
2. His sister won't talk to him
3. His sister is talking to him
4. The toothpaste tastes too spicy
5. Peppa Pig can't come for lunch
6. He wants four walkie-talkies
7. He hates the red cup
8. The carpet is too soft
9. There are bubbles in his socks
10. He doesn't like the tap
11. His brother breathed on him
12. He's not allowed on the car roof
13. I didn't watch him come down the slide
14. The label in his vest is itchy
15. I touched his hair
16. His finger tastes sticky
17. His eyes are being googly
18. The pillow is too heavy
19. The phone rang
20. I'm typing this blog