Tuesday, 23 March 2010

The Art of Ignoring

Having a blog is a good excuse to ignore my kids even more. Sending text messages is a great tool to ignore them as well as when I absolutely utterly have to update my blog. I was in the garden the other day and The Toddler fell over and hurt his head but I was in the middle of sending a super important text message about 'yes I can go to the curry night' that I had to ignore him until I'd finished. SUCH an annoyance that he'd chosen that very moment to fall over. He never decides to climb on the bench and fall off it when I am in the mood for being a GOOD MUM.
I'm also getting very good at ignoring those shouts of "Mummy I need you" and "Mummy I'm hungry/thirsty" which always come five minutes after they've had dinner.
And I've got the art of "I'm just putting the buggy in the car" totally in the bag when I'm sneaking out for a crafty ciggie.
But the Ignoring that I am absolutely BRILLIANT at is when the kids wake up in the night. The Husband is like "oh The Toddler woke up and The Tomboy needed a wee" and I'm like "Really? I must have been sooooo exhausted from entertaining them today".
And it's not just the kids that I ignore. It's all forms of arts&crafts, swing pushing, playing hide&seek and definitely baking.
I'm thinking about writing to the Olympic 2012 committee to see if they'll introduce a new sport called IGNORING. Well if synchronised swimming is considered an event then I reckon I'm in with a chance, Ignoring takes much more skill.

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