Tuesday, 6 July 2010

My Dog Blog

Ministry Of Mum is very pleased to announce the safe arrival of Slim Shady Shadow Bella Swan Cullen Smith (or Shady as she is known). A blacklab/collie-cross fantastic addition to our feral household. After many months of whining at The Husband, he finally reached breaking point and agreed to let me have a dog. Anything for a quiet life, he said. And a barking dog is much more bearable than a moaning mum.
At six months old, The Dog has the temperament of The Toddler but the added value of me being able to put her in the garden/the downstairs hallway/on the lead whenever I want (which is virtually impossible to do with the kids). She goes to bed when I tell her, eats whatever I feed her, fetches stuff and sits on demand. Doing whatever I ask while showering me with affection - it's a new experience for me. Give me dogs over the children any day. I make a much better dog owner than I do mother.
I have no idea what made The Husband finally cave in. I didn't even have to do the special love. He says I can't cope with three children nevermind a dog and it's him that suffers when he gets in from work. So if ever I have an 'off' day with The Dog, I can never ever tell him because I've promised that I can manage.
I love The Dog, the children love The Dog, but The Dog hates The Cat. Problem One. It's not bothering me (yet) constantly separating them - I just wish it was as easy with The Tomboy and The Tweenager.
But the best thing for the kids about The Dog is that whatever badness they get up to, they can always make out that The Dog did it. Tonight The Tomboy drew on her bedroom wall and insisted it was The Dog. The more I learn about the children, the more I love The Dog.
So YES this one time City Girl is starting to make peace with village life. Think I'm going to turn into Barbara from The Good Life. I've even bought wellies. Okay so they're Hunters but I'm not ready to give up the fashionista in me yet.

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