Saturday, 17 April 2010

Ministry Of Idle

Ministry of Mum very highly recommends "The Idle Parent" by Tom Hodgkinson. I bought it by chance, then lost it after only reading two pages (hidden by the kids no doubt), then found it again and it has changed my life overnight. Well, not literally changed my life but has made me very happy that there is now a parenting guide in existence which doesn't make me feel inadequate. It is a godsend. Tom Hodgkinson basically argues that by backing off from our children they become more self-reliant, confident, contented and free - and we get to lie in bed longer. It's something I've been trying to do for ages but guilt has stopped me. And what's most interesting is that the author has three children who seem to fit the mould of my kids - The Eldest One being demanding due to neurotic first-time parents, The Tomboy being slightly less high maintenance but more self-sufficient and The Toddler who has always been left to his own devices, is the most relaxed & confident.
So today is Day One of my new regime of Idle Parenting sans guilt.
This morning I played 'Attack of the 80cm Toddler' which meant he climbed all over me laughing while I basically got to lie in bed for twenty minutes extra.
I then successfully got The Eldest One to fetch me some water while I sat on the sofa.
Half an hour sunbathing while The Toddler played with a wooden spoon and flower pots.
Lunchtime spent writing this blog with children playing happily and safely in the garden, back door firmly closed.
I am also pleased to confirm that The Tomboy's biscuit handing out skills are coming along nicely.
The result so far - happier children and happier parents. And if it means I can sit and watch The Hills repeats on MTV while The Toddler plays with a piece of paper then it's a win/win situation for all.

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