Thursday, 7 October 2010

The Ten Kid Commandments (and I've broken every one)

1. Thou shalt not tell your child "I hate you too".

2. Thou shalt not give a dummy/comforter/blankie.

3. Thou shalt not argue with your spouse in front of your child.

4. Thou shalt not bribe or enter into bargaining with your child.

5. Thou shalt not feed food in jars or junk for ease or visit McDonalds more than twice in the week or give crisps for breakfast.

6. Thou shalt not have a child in your bed because you can't be bothered to sleep train.

7. Thou shalt not put a child in the wrong car seat or have child in front with airbag or just not strap in because you are in a rush.

8. Thou shalt not ignore it if your child hits another and nobody else notices.

9. Thou shalt not pretend to drive off while your child has a hissy fit on the side of the road.

10. Thou shalt not throw your child's belongings out of the window for punishment.

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