Tuesday, 19 October 2010

When Your Daughter Is A Girl One Day And A Boy The Next

I saw a glimmer of hope with The Tomboy yesterday. A bright flashing light at the end of the Tomboy tunnel. She came out of school WEARING A SKIRT! This may seem like no big deal to you but it's over two years since I've been able to get her to wear anything vaguely girly. I felt like there had been a major breakthrough in the ongoing war which is "The Battle Of What The Tomboy Will Wear".
Story is that she fell over, got all muddy and this was the only spare uniform they had. No idea what they would have put on a boy. Anyway, she could either spend the rest of the day in her knickers or wear the skirt. And you know what, she actually quite liked it. So much that I asked her teacher who this impostor child was calling herself my daughter.
Last night I was triumphant. I wrote it on Facebook, I rang all my friends - heck, I practically shouted it from the rooftop "MY DAUGHTER IS WEARING A SKIRT!!!!"
Fast forward to this morning and not only is The Tomboy dressing herself in her brother's school trousers, she is telling me a story of the day she will have a willy and it will grow & grow until it is enormous.
The impostor-child has clearly gone back to its rightful family. And once again there is dark at the end of my Tomboy tunnel.

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