Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Change Or Strange?

So I actually should be concentrating on getting The Toddler to sleep through and sorting out the kids' table manners but instead I am fannying around looking at houses and thinking of changes that can be made like moving schools. It's out with the old and in with the new. Maybe. In a brave attempt to combat my Lazyitus syndrome, I am trying to put wheels in motion by making changes and getting out of the rut. I have been isolating - which basically means hibernating - I have not really seen anyone except my core friends and The Dog, oh yeah and my family.
You all know about The Toddler's sleeping habits by now, but I haven't mentioned much about the children's table manners. Comments such as "Get your food off your head" and "Peas do not belong in ears" are quite common at family meal time. The Toddler will only eat if he is scooting around on his little bike. The Tomboy likes to take her time which actually means likes to piss about for at least an hour. The Tweenager isn't too bad but will say he is full after six spoonfuls then ten minutes later say he is starving and please can he have a big pudding.
So yes, I should be working on this. But I am not. With the New Year, I am trying to shake things up. I believe that moving house and fucking around with the kids schools will make my life not so boring. My philosophy being There Is GAIN To Be Made From CHANGE (as long as it's in the right direction).
It's all very strange. I can't explain because I don't understand what I am doing. I'm not particularly bored of my daily routine but in an attempt to be a bit different (and maybe keep my coolness), I'm meddling with the dullness.
By turning forty last year, I've realised that if anything is going to change around here then I have to make some waves. It's taken me eighteen months to actually get off my backside and start moving. But make no mistake, this motion does not involve hoovering or ironing. Although saying that, I did a bit of housey stuff today by taking pictures off the walls and putting them on other walls. The feng shui of the house is better and already I feel like I've done something proactive.
So yes, there are going to be some changes around here. Even if my strange behaviour is going to end up being explained by the fact that it's me, aged 41, going through "The Change".

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