Friday, 8 April 2011

Family Feng Shui

I want to move house. I am desperate to move house. This house is okay but it needs stuff doing to it and it is getting on my nerves and even if we sorted/tidied/decorated, it would still drive me mad. But there is another reason to my wanting to sell. I strongly feel that if we move house, it will improve our home karma. Our Family Feng-shui if you like. For example, things like this happen to me on a daily basis:
Do not ever let your dog play with a juggling ball.
You are likely to find out what it is made of.

Feng-shui is an ancient form of aesthetics. It is basically that if you put things in the right place then you will get positivity. Having dead flowers in a vase for two weeks is not very good feng-shui. Neither is a burnt pan that you are avoiding washing up.

Obviously, I am not very good at feng-shuing my house so the family energy is often a bit negative. You will never ever find me installing a flowing water feature in a bright, clutter free room. Or placing incense sticks strategically in south-east corners. Apparently, to bring harmony to my family I need some smiley pictures, crap free cupboards and a fountain. I have read that wood is very good for the family although I'm not sure dog-chewed bits of branches count. So, as I cannot be arsed with any of this, I want to move house.

The Husband, of course, is opposed to the idea. Probably because I have no money and he will have to pay for the move plus any increase in our mortgage. He wants to extend this house. But by doing any home improvements, I believe we are just extending our bad family feng shui. I think a new house, fresh start, will bring us harmony. The Husband says "That's a load of old cock" but I say "It will create a happy and beneficial energy" to which The Husband says "Try tiding up once in a while and put your energy to some good instead of Facebooking".

I do not think I will win this one. Even if I bring in an Oriental Master. The Husband controls the purse strings. I am thinking the Husband can feng-shui off.

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  1. can you leave some voodoo dolls around and let him start having "unfortunate accidents?" a la the Brady Bunch? hee hee