Monday, 19 September 2011


It's dawned on me tonight that I've asked The Husband countless times to change the lightbulb in the hallway over the past two weeks. And has he done it - has he feck. In fact, there are currently 8 lightbulbs dead in total. If there was a power cut, it would not make much difference to this house. I suppose I could do them but I'd end up smashing glass everywhere and, not only is he taller than me, but this is a MAN'S JOB...just how ironing is MY JOB. Oh I'm all for feminism and that, but when it comes to certain jobs around the house I do think THE MAN should step in.
For example, he should:
1. Empty the bin and put the wheelie bin out.
2. Walk the dog at night time.
3. Get rid of the ugly pink carnations he's bought when they go rotten.
4. Sort out the wires at the back of the telly.
5. Adjust children's bicycle seats.
There are MANY jobs I could add to this and I still don't think it's a lot to ask. I do ENDLESS chores around this house that I never ever involve him in. I do not think there has ever been a time when he has had to ask me to get a good frock out for the school run. He has never had to remind me to feed the children some chicken nuggets. There has not been countless requests to organise the TV programmes in order I want to watch them. I am more than capable of making sure these jobs get done.
The Husband seems to think that you can 'carry over' jobs from month-to-month in much the same way that you carry over days off. But I've got his number on that one. I will add more jobs until it's so overwhelming that he will have to spend a WHOLE WEEK doing jobs. And I will stick a little list on the fridge just to annoy him some more.
Here is a list of jobs The Husband is very GOOD at:
1. Falling asleep in front of the telly.
2. Leaving the wet stuff in the back of the car for two days after swimming lessons.
3. Stepping over a pile of dirty washing and, on occasion, moving it to the kitchen.
And before you start - yes he does work very hard and brings home the bacon and all that jazz, but But BUT this house is his responsibility too. If I let him get away with the lightbulbs then where will it end? I will end up taking on ALL the man jobs on top of my own - whenever will I have time to read Grazia??
As I write The Husband is indisposed - with his laptop - in a partially lit kitchen. There is a lone lightbulb on the work surface that will stay there for several days before being returned to the shed - because it doesn't fit anywhere. Oh he will get around to changing the bulbs eventually. When it gets to a point where he can't say anything without me mentioning it. Then there will be much huffing & puffing I'm sure, followed by a request for time in the bedroom. He will think that 1 Lightbulb Fix = 1 Special Love. But no wife has ever made love to her husband that lightly.


  1. Ha ha ha ha. I think your husband is found in many homes across the land! Although tonight I had to do the bins as mine has buggered off to France - but I coped. Would he cope if I went away? Like heck he wouldn't.
    Thanks for making me smile x x

  2. You're right, it's a slippery slope. If you let him off the lightbulbs by next week you'll be mowing the lawn, or god forbid refilling the screen wash in the cars. You must take a stand for the sake of your marriage!

  3. Stand your ground sister! Show any sign of weakness and he will sniff it out and then where will you be? (apart from in a partially lit kitchen)
    Yes, technically it could be described as nagging but in our house we (I) liKe to call it gentle persuasion.

  4. You forgot to add: falling asleep in front of the tv, clutching the remote control. And if you happen to manage to change the channel, all you hear is, 'I was watching that!'
    Just mine?

  5. My lazy excuse for a partner thinks running his own bath is commendable. And cutting his own food up. And, no doubt - wiping his own arse.
    I've got no chance with the bins and light bulbs. He sat and watched me fill a skip with heavy items when I was 7 months pregnant!

  6. That reminds me of the old joke... well, several actually.

    Maybe now is not the time.

  7. Oh I would give a tooth to see H take on the "man" jobs around here. A big front and center tooth...

  8. I got offered a cup of tea in exchange for a h*nd job yesterday....just wondering if that's the going rate, or if he was trying to*diddle* me?!

  9. man jobs .. this is why woman has a man in it because we do them ....!

  10. Haha, the bulb in Iylas room went at least a month ago and Dad2babyinsomniac will not change it! I ahve asked him countless times - once even insisting he do it right that moment to which he replied not now, I will do it later. He never did. It means I have to put the landing light on at 6am to change her nappy which wakes him up but he still won't change it! What is wrong with them?!