Thursday 21 January 2016

Jobs Around The House

I've called this blog Jobs Around The House based on this weeks episode of The Secret Life Of The Family but, in fact, it could also be called MUMMY PORN. It made me laugh watching the dads avoiding jobs around the house because not one of them realise that the way to their partners heart (and probably knickers) is to do a load of DIY.

A light went on in my head after watching the episode when I realised that I've asked Ken countless times to change the bulb in the hallway. And has he done it - has he fact there are currently five bulbs dead in this house. If there was a power cut it would not make any difference. I suppose I could do them but I'd end up smashing glass everywhere and, not only is he taller than me, this is a MAN'S job...just how school uniform etc. is MY JOB.

Oh I'm all for girl power but when it comes to certain jobs in the house I do think the man should step in. Us mums do endless jobs and never ever ask for help. For example, there has never been a time when I have asked for help to sort a soggy packed lunch or smelly PE kit. I never need assistance in choosing an outfit for the school run. I cook a healthy casserole for my kids to find disgusting and I do that all on my very own. I cope with rocking in a corner over the sewing on of Beaver badges. When it comes to it, I am more than capable of doing 'my share' of the work.

The lack of light bulb changing got me thinking about how many of my mummy friends like Fifty Shades Of Grey. I'm not into it because it's just not how I get my kicks. I guess I'm a simple girl at heart because it doesn't take whips and handcuffs to get me hot under the collar. I'm getting old you know and there are three children in this house - the closest I get to S&M is being buried under the ironing pile. However there ARE endless ways to get me turned on - to fulfil my needs and desires - things that a man around the house could do that would have me heading straight for a cold shower:

1. Emptying and putting out the bins.
2. Mowing the lawn and any garden recycling.
3. Fully functioning lighting.
4. All bike and car maintenance.
5. Trips to the tip.
BONDAGE BONUS: fixing the lock on the bathroom door.

So guys, honestly, if you want a different kind of "job" with your partner, get your *cough* tool kit out, grab your *errrrr* screwdriver and get fixing. Because if you don't, you'll be DIYing in more ways than one.


  1. hmmm. not sure where I fit in anymore as all that stuff I thrive on...may not be a DIY hero but I actually miss being around the house as ive gone from being self employed to employed....way more fun at I have to be a responsible adult and earn money working....

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