Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Naptime Is The New Happy Hour

Forgive me, I've not written in a week. I don't know where the time goes - but blame it on the sunshine. I don't want to be on my computer when I can be out in the garden with a gin&tonic whilst The Toddler sleeps and the other two are at school. Yes I know I shouldn't be drinking in the daytime but I've come to realise that being ever so slightly drunk makes me a better mum. And these days it only takes one drink to render me lightheaded, giddy and, well, FUN. All the jollity I have had recently with the kids is when I am marginally tipsy. I'm hardly ever Fun Mum when I am sober.
Now the reason for this is that I haven't been very well. I have been suffering from a serious condition called Growing Up. I think I have finally reached the point in life where I am trying to be content with my lot. I am no longer going to blame the children for my 'where is my past life' dysfunction. A key to success is to constantly move forward, or so I am told.
God, listen to me - I need a drink.
Ministry Of Mum is a firm believer in Mothers Who Dabble In Minor Debauchery. Whether it be restrained daytime drinking, the odd swear word, few ciggies, sex toys (god forbid!), bit of shop lifting or good ol' plain bitching - I will give my blessing. It's so hard to feel free being a mother that the odd self gratification here & there can only contribute to making better mums. I fully experience the joys of motherhood when the children are in bed and I have a drink/cigarette/free lipgloss/good piece of gossip to hand.
As you know, I have three children. None of which were a drunken accident. They were planned and they are much loved. That being said, I refuse to believe that I don't bloody deserve a few minutes to take a shower, do a poo and have a goddamn phone conversation. Some days I am living a dream and a nightmare at the same time. So if I decide to enjoy inconsequential recklessness to ease my frustrations then so be it - it's better than running away. I hope my blog inspires you to be the most honest version of yourself as a mother. It's the hardest job in the world and some catharsis is necessary, whatever form this may take.
For Health & Safety reasons I must stress that I am encouraging such revelry IN MODERATION. I am talking freedom within a framework. Getting totally plastered at lunchtime then going up the school is not a good idea, neither is smoking a fag whilst chatting to the health visitor. Please limit your indulgences but take pleasures without feeling guilty! It will make you a more delightful person and your children will thrive!

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