Wednesday 16 June 2010

Sick N Mix

I've had a crap couple of days with The Tomboy being off school sick, The Toddler destroying everything in his path (he is the Tasmanian Devil) and The Husband away in Manchester on business (or so he says...funny how his phone ran out of battery).
Having to stay in with The Tomboy throwing up every hour does not work with a Toddler. He has gone from smashing lightbulbs to eating peas direct from the freezer to throwing my car keys in the pond. Speaking of the pond, the six fish we had have mysteriously disappeared. I think they got fed up with my moaning. Or The Toddler has eaten them.
My children are not capable of chilling out at home. And I can't stand being trapped within these four walls, especially as I don't do 'homey' things such as baking and arts n crafts. Okay, so The Tomboy was ill. But not too poorly that she couldn't torment The Toddler or eat Haribo. And she always made damn sure that she never made it to the bathroom before projectile vomiting. My washing machine was on for thirteen hours straight. It is rubbish clearing up sick especially when I have to change nappies as well. Sick, poo, cat hairballs, snot and half chewed food spat out have become my five a day.
So I've been asking myself how come The Tomboy gets ill so often. After studying her habits I've come up with the following:
1) Always walk around the garden barefoot.
2) Drink out of the cat's bowl and always French kiss the cat.
3) Play with the toilet.
4) Run away from mum after getting out of the bath with soaking wet hair.
5) Dig around in the bin for the sweet that accidentally got thrown away.

The thing is, the kids get on my nerves on the best of days but there is nothing like having an ill child to really do my head in. Especially when my day has been planned with two of them at school, just for the teacher to ring at 9.30am for me to collect him/her. I'm not heartless. I just struggle on a daily basis to keep things running smoothly and vomit does not help this!

You will be happy to know that The Tomboy is all better now. She went to school today with the full intent to tell all about her sickness bug in Show And Tell.

God, these days when I stay up all night it's with a sick child - it used to be with a healthy adult.

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